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Industrial Lubricants

Heavy Duty Motor Oils (Diesel / Gas / LP):

Super Fleet Motor Oil Sae 15W-40

PS Lubricants’ Super Fleet Motor Oil is a second generation “Universal Oil” which is specially formulated to satisfy the latest performance specifications of all types of diesel and gasoline engines. Super Fleet represents the very latest oil formulation technology which employs a new thermally stable “alky zinc” anti-wear agent containing 0.14% wt. phosphorus as zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate to satisfy recent requirements.

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Altra Fleet Motor Oil Sae 15W-40

Altra Fleet Motor Oil is a heavy duty engine oil that is formulated from universal fluids to meet or exceed the warranty requirements of most major manufacturers of diesel and gasoline engines. They meet certain requirements of Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Mack, Caterpillar, and Allison. Altra Fleet Motor Oil can be used with complete success in most diesel as well as exhaust gas recirculated engines used in truck or off-highway equipment. They may also be used for manual transmission and hydraulic systems where motor oil is recommended.

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Hydraulic Oils:

Industrial Hydraulic Fluid

Turbine grade hydraulic oil is designed to meet all the demands of modern hydraulic systems. Carefully selected paraffin base oils with high viscosity indexes will hold viscosity changes to a minimum as operating temperatures vary. Contains unique oxidation inhibitor which cuts down carbon deposits. Excellent anti-wear agents keep wear to a minimum and help lower operating temperatures.

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Industrial Turbine Oil

A truly heavy-duty Industrial Turbine Oil formulated for steam turbines, circulating oil systems where a long service turbine oil is required. Outstanding rust and oxidation characteristics with an ashless anti-wear additive for increased gear and bearing life. Excellent water separating ability.

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Gear Oils:

Synthetic Gear Oil

P.S. Synthetic gear oils are heavy-duty, extreme pressure, GL-5 enclosed gear lubricants. Formulated from quality synthesized base stocks, these synthetic gear oils exhibit very low channel points or pour points and high viscosity indexes. Compounded with extreme pressure additives, rust and corrosion protection and Lyvan for additional anti-wear and extended oil life.

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Industrial Gear Oil

PS Lubricants’ Vari-Purpose Gear Oils are specifically formulated and blended from carefully selected paraffin base stocks. These gear oils are compounded with exceptional additives to achieve the proper balance between high load carrying ability and excellent lubricity and film strength.

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#4092 Ultraplex Grease No.2

4092 ULTRAPLEX is an outstanding complex base grease especially formulated for moisture, high temperatures and heavy loaded conditions. It is a fibrous, slightly tacky complex grease with superior mechanical stability and is an exceptional long life type lubricant. 4092 ULTRAPLEX will not soften or work down under heat or pressure and is completely water resistant with the rust and corrosion inhibitors. It will perform well at elevated temperatures up to 400° F and will withstand intermittent temperatures to 450° F and has excellent reversibility characteristics.

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#4000 Ultra 4000 Grease No.2

PS Lubricants’ 4000 is a new generation, high technology, mixed-base lubricating grease. PS 4000 is characterized by exceptional mechanical stability, very high load carrying ability, excellent resistance to water, oxidation and corrosion, and outstanding performance in high/low temperature applications. PS 4000 has shown excellent pumpability and dispensing properties and is therefore suitable for low temperature application. PS 4000 is truly multi-purpose, high/low temperature grease that equals and in many cases, out performs other high temperature greases such as lithium complex, calcium complex, aluminum complex and polyurea. It contains no heavy metals or other harmful or environmentally undesirable additives, such as sulfur, chlorine, zinc, phenols, or lead and can therefore be more easily disposed.

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#4048 Multi-Purpose Grease No.2

NO. 4048 MULTI-PURPOSE GREASE is a premium lithium complex grease. This multi – purpose lithium complex grease has a high dropping point in excess of 500 F, which insures retention where high temperatures are encountered. This product has been formulated with a special additive package which insures high film strength, extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear properties, and is recommended for a variety of automotive, agricultural, mining, and industrial applications, including disc brake wheel bearings, universal joints, and conveyor bearings.

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#4022 Central Lube Grease No.1

No. 4022 Central Lubrication Grease was formulated specifically for Centralized Lubrication Systems. This lubricant has excellent pumpability characteristics and will not harden under pressure. Contains the proper balance between Extreme Pressure and Anti-wear additives and carries a 60 O.K. Timken pressure load. Fortified with anti-rust and corrosion additives to resist attack by water or citric acids. Highly water resistant and has a dropping point of over 480° F. No. 4022 will stand intermittent temperatures up to 540° F and has excellent reversibility characteristics.

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Industrial Oils:

Industrial Air Tool Oil

Heavy-duty lubricant is designed especially for rock drills, jackhammers, and heavy air tools. Selected and specially refined crudes are combined with special oiliness additives to give extra lubricity for extremely heavy-duty service. Contains extreme pressure additives to keep metal surfaces from galling and welding. Proper amount of adhesion and tackifier agents keep oil clinging to operating surfaces where moisture is encountered. The latest proven anti-wear agents help keep tools operating longer with less vibration and strain on personnel because of better lubrication. New dispersant package keeps small clearances free from varnish and sludge for clean, trouble free operation. Formulated for all air operated reservoirs in the tools themselves.

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Industrial Air Compressor Oil

A heavy-duty air compressor oil engineered to cope with rigorous demands of industrial, reciprocal, rotary and screw type air compressors. This outstanding product is compounded with selected base stocks for minimum carbon deposits. Special ashless additives provide excellent heat resistance, long oil life and excellent anti-wear characteristics with virtually no varnish or carbon build-up. Rust and oxidation inhibited, non-foaming and has excellent demulsibility characteristics.

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